Our Foundation

18th Year - Total 298 Scholarships

grandkids(L-R) Kate Read, Erin Gallagher, Kahley Gallagher, Jeff Casey, Graham ReadAttitudes for Education (The Clay Elliott Scholarship Foundation) is the result of the love and admiration that five grandchildren had for their grandfather. Upon his passing, Clay's grandchildren felt compelled to do something to honor his memory.

The nature and character of Attitudes for Education is the result of the appreciation for education instilled in the five grandchildren of Clay Elliott. Being different than other scholarship opportunities, the emphasis is on the development of the individual. Attitudes for Education does not define applicants based on their marks. The purpose is to award youth who demonstrate the right attitude. Collectively, the work of the Attitudes for Education represents: honesty, innovation, dedication and excellence.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide graduating high school students from within the Northumberland County monetary scholarships to assist with the costs associated with continuing education.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is that graduating high school students should be given scholarship consideration based on their attitudes towards their life, goals and objectives; and not their academic achievements.