Clay Elliott Scholarship Foundation - Attitudes for Education of course helped me to financially achieve my goals, but more importantly I can see now that receiving this scholarship helped me to believe in myself. Even long after receiving my scholarship, the memory of having been a recipient reminds me that I am capable of achieving my dreams if I continue to be myself and meet new challenges with a courageous attitude. 
KN – 2008 Scholar

The attitudes for education scholarship has helped me throughout the years by serving as a constant reminder to stay positive despite the circumstances, and it has reinforced the importance of treating others fairly and with respect. Although I have spent the last few years in various locations around the globe, the values and principles behind the attitudes for education scholarship have rung true regardless of my surroundings. The
message behind the scholarship has remained with me, and has certainly enhanced my experiences as a global citizen.
JM – 2007 Scholar

I think the Attitudes for Education Scholarship is amazing and I am very grateful to have been a recipient in 2008. I used the scholarship to buy myself a laptop which lasted me throughout my entire four-year degree! I still have my gold 'Attitude' pin which I keep in my jewelry box. It reminds me every morning how important it is to have the right attitude :) University is stressful enough as it is and trying to manage the financial burden that comes with it can be even more stressful. I think it is incredible what the Clay Elliott Scholarship Foundation does to help elevate some of that stress. Thank you very much for your support towards my University degree!
GT – 2008 Scholar

Attitudes for Education provided not only financial support for my post-secondary education, but also support for community involvement, dedication to academics, extra-curricular activities and other values that contribute to being a well rounded student.  The sense of being supported by my community was something I carried with me throughout university, and continues to shape me as a student.
LG – 2010 Scholar

With the financial support of the Attitudes for Education Scholarship, I was able to focus more energy on my studies and volunteer interests than would have been otherwise possible during my first year.  But, it is actually the plaque we were given with the quote about “Attitude” by Charles Swindoll that has helped me in my daily life and career.  The quote reminds me that how I choose to respond to adversity is always in my control and that this attitude is ultimately the most important factor in determining the outcome.
EF – 2009 Scholar

The Attitudes for Education Scholarship enhanced my life and schooling in many ways.  Firstly, it enhanced my confidence to embark on the new and challenging adventure that is post-secondary education by being rewarded with this special scholarship having such depth of meaning.  Also any monetary assistance was extremely helpful to decrease the financial burden of schooling.  The scholarship award dinner was also a great experience with some many skilled, successful and ambitious people present.  Overall I am very grateful for having received the Attitudes for Education Scholarship.
JP – 2011 Scholar

The Attitudes for Education Scholarship is important as it is awarded on the basis of attitude and not just grades or financial need.  It helped take some financial pressure off in university.
SM – 2008 Scholar

This Scholarship recognizes students with the right attitude which was a huge honour as a high school student graduating with honours, but not exemplary grades.  My attitude has helped guide me in my profession and life, and the scholarship supported that ambition.  Although I was awarded this scholarship a number of years ago, I truly appreciate its meaning and will never forget the generosity of my home town community.
HD-2009 Scholar

Before applying for this scholarship I hadn’t thought much about my own attitude.  As a teenager it was incredibly valuable to go through this process.  What an amazing scholarship program.
DW-2008 Scholar

I believe that the Attitudes for Education Scholarship is extremely important, as it recognizes students not only for academic achievement, but for valuable character traits such as motivation, positivity and good work ethic.  The Attitudes for Education Scholarship enhanced my life during my undergraduate degree by taking some financial pressure off of me and allowing me to truly focus on my academic studies.  This year, while completing classroom placements as a Teachers Candidate with the Queen’s Faculty of Education, I have seen the difference students with positive attitudes can make.  These students help encourage productivity, collaboration and success for everyone in the classroom.  The Attitudes for Education Scholarship allows these students to be acknowledged for their positive impact.
LS – 2011 Scholar

Someone once asked me in an interview what sets me apart from other candidates; the answer immediately came to mind – attitude.  In financial markets, you deal with a ton of uncertainty on a day-to-day basis.  Much of how we create value is how we react to events and the underlying attitude we bring to work.  The Clay Elliott scholarship helped me recognize the importance of attitude at a young age and serves as a constant reminder to apply those principles every day.
LC- 2007 Scholar

The Attitudes for Education scholarship was a considerable asset for me to meet my financial goals and pay for my own education.  It was a constant reminder of how I should approach life’s challenges.  I can personally say that I kept my Attitudes for Education plaque close to me while I was pursuing my dual degree.  I often looked at it on my desk when I was facing a tough exam, disappointing grade or missing home to remind myself that despite being upset, having a positive attitude will allow me to move on, be optimistic and learn from my mistakes.  I continue to embrace the motto of a positive attitude and I use it as a motivator not only for myself but for those around me.
JC – 2010 Scholar

Attitudes for Education started me on an incredible journey six years ago.  I am very grateful to Attitudes for Education for not only the financial support, but also for the ongoing reminder to maintain a positive attitude.  The scholarship program has helped remind me of the importance of attitude and how every experience in my life is what I make of it.  Having a positive attitude has provided me with opportunities to meet great people and achieve some pretty substantial goals. 
SV – 2010 Scholar

The Attitudes for Education Scholarship is important because it re-enforces that success is about more than school grades, intelligence quotients and marks on standardized exams.  As I have progressed in my career and matured in my relationships, the importance of having the right attitude has become even clearer. Most of the truly successful people I have met are successful because they have the right attitude. A focus on having the right attitude has formed part of my core values and I owe a great deal of my personal and professional successes thus far to it.
JM – 2005 Scholar

The Attitudes for Education Scholarship has been very important in shaping me into the man I am today.  It has served as a reminder that with a positive attitude ad hard work, I can make an impact on the community I am in.  Moving to Windsor was scary as I have no friends or family there.  Now because I start each day with positivity, I have become a leader in the Odette School of Business and have been granted incredible opportunities.
IW – 2012 Scholar

Receiving the Attitudes for Education Scholarship had such an impact on me.  With your help, I was able to get through 4 years of schooling without any debt, so, I will now be able to pay for future studies or do things I love, like travel.  More importantly, this scholarship allowed me to continue to act with a positive attitude, even through the incredibly stressful times of university.  When times were challenging, I would see my “attitude” pin of the plaque on my wall and remember the importance of keeping a positive attitude at all times.
JF – 2012 Scholar

I am so happy to reflect on the meaning of this scholarship, because it allowed me to gain rich experience outside of school (volunteering, internships, etc) since it alleviated some financial pressure over 4 years. While I loved my undergrad experience, the opportunities I engaged with beyond the classroom have shaped me in a way I could have never enjoyed, had it not been for the Clay Elliott Scholarship. Thank-you for believing in my potential at such a young age—it has meant so much to me, knowing that my home community recognizes and chooses to support young people throughout their post-secondary experience. 
RV - 2010