Please convey to Elaine and all the grandchildren our congratulations and support for their efforts in setting up the foundation in memory of Clay. Clay was a life long friend and a great man in many respects and deserving of the honour you bestow… We hope that the attached cheque will at least give a small shove in the right direction. Our very best wishes for success in your foundation endeavours.

Sincerely, Harry and Phyllis Embleton

Please accept this enclosed contribution to the Clay Elliott Scholarship Fund… in fond memory of our treasured association in business and personal friendship.

Shannon Hoover

Attention: The Board of Directors

We at Lawrcon Electric and Machining Corp. are pleased to advise all of you that Lawrcon is proud to participate and support your heart warming endeavor to further the academic achievements of our important youth of today.

I sincerely believe that our small contribution will find it’s way to a needy individual relying on your foundation for support.

It is imperative (no -IT’S OUR CORPORATE RESPONSIBILITY) to ensure that young people have the opportunity to further their education. Of course, in turn, these prosperous young people will then have the opportunity to support their families and contribute to their community in a way that would not be possible without the support of people like yourselves.

Therefore, please accept this small contribution on behalf Lawrcon. I sincerely hope that many more appreciate the time and effort put in by all of you.

I would be proud to have Lawrcon’s information posted on your web-site and look forward to the news and success of your foundation.

Best Regards, and Good Wishes to you all.


Raymond Kiomall
General Manager

Anderson Associates

Dear Jeffrey, Kahley, Erin, Graham, & Kaitlyn,

It is my honor and pleasure to donate the enclosed in the memory of your grandfather, Mr. Clay Elliott.

Having put myself through Northeastern University at night, while raising a young family, I experienced first hand the uphill financial battle that so many of our young men & women face today in their goal to earn a degree for the betterment of their future. Having earned that and other degrees throughout my life, I recognize the value & possibilities a scholarship fund can open to those with drive, determination, and the desire to make a difference.

Having known Clay on both a personal and professional level, for many, many years, this seems a natural extension, the perfect way to remember him and his values. Clay always exhibited attitude with the appropriate measure, a trait that separated him from the crowd, a real individual.

I wish for my donation to be noted in my name Mr. David C Anderson, owner of Anderson & Associates, LLC and owner of Anderson Associates Service Parts, LLC.

I extend to each of you thanks for giving me the opportunity to support your goals and wish each of you success in this; and all endeavors you aim for.

Dave Anderson