Who was Charles Clayson Elliott?

clayCharles Clayson Elliott was born June 18, 1925 in Hamilton Ontario.

Clay lived in Hamilton for all of his youth and after high school enrolled at McMaster University to study science and chemistry.

After his first year at McMaster, he joined the Canadian Navy during the latter part of WW 2 and served on the ship Ontario for two years, mostly in the Far East and in the Indian Ocean.

He returned to finish his Bachelor of Science in Chemistry at  McMaster University – BSc Chemistry (1949).

After many years working in the Plastics industry, Clay and his wife Elaine started Horizon Plastics in Cobourg, Ontario. Thirty years later Horizon Plastics is now considered one of the largest custom moulders of low-pressure structural foam in the world.

Clay has achieved many accomplishments during his years in business. Here is a list of just a few:

Clay was also a large financial supporter of:

clay elliottIn his spare time Clay enjoyed golfing, hunting and fishing.

The following is an excerpt from the eulogy during Clay’s Funeral Service that depicts the type of person Clay Elliott was…

“Clay was a man with true honour and loyalty. He believed in honesty. He believed in Integrity. He believed that hard work pays off in the end. He believed that you must love life and live it to it’s fullest. This is how Clay lived his life. He lived his life with the Right Attitude.”